We Can’t Get Enough of Room 2046

Amongst the various furniture stores and coffee shops in the Summerhill neighbourhood of Toronto, Room 2046 stands out for its eclectic offerings and colourful, yet modern, aesthetic.

With a product range includes everything from quirky stationary to handmade ceramics, espresso shots to gluten-free donuts, and a studio that constantly is putting out videos and hand-screened products, Room 2046 certainly isn’t your average Toronto store.

This shop uses a distinct marketing technique to raise awareness to the diverse products and services offered. In the attached studio, Room 2046 has produced several videos to showcase products offered in store, as well as several short films to highlight the creativity of those who use their studio to produce content.

With their unique product range and diverse service offerings, Room 2046 is sure to thrive.

Source: Room 2046


We Can’t Get Enough of Room 2046