Lulu is a true visionary and Creative Director of brands. Her approach is simple: captivate the audience by creating innovative, proactive, and engaging work that is a reflection of each brand’s personal identity. In today’s digital age, it’s hard to capture and then hold the audience’s attention. Every product, client, and project is seen as a unique opportunity to appeal to a new audience.

Our company is highly collaborative. Today’s society is built on who you know and making connections with the right people. Lulu Unlimited can connect you to sponsors, artists, visionaries, and other brands, helping you build relationships that will bring you into the future. The future is sustainable. Lulu Unlimited can help you make adjustments and reinvent your company to be more globally conscious and eco-friendly.  We’ve built relationships with leading leaders in sustainability and eco initiatives that are working to make the world a better place. Our company can help you make the transition to more sustainable business practices and help you move into the future.

Lulu Unlimited includes a team of specialists that conceptualize fresh and intriguing viral and social marketing strategies and content guaranteed to attract a new potential audience and open up new pathways in even the most saturated markets. Our in-house design team can manage and create From rogue marketing strategies and events to creating unique social media content, Lulu Unlimited is fully hands on.