Changing The Face Of Fashion: Fashion Designer Kevin Allwood

Meet Kevin Allwood, fashion designer, photographer, art designer, and a dear old friend of Lulu's. Now head of the Kevin Allwood Brand, you wouldn’t believe how he started out.

Allwood went to University of Ottawa for Computer Hardware Engineering, however, during his time in school he felt a higher calling from the fashion world. So he picked up everything and made the change in his 20s. Fast forward, Allwood is now the head of his publication KA Magazine, a luxury magazine focusing on ethical brands, creative worldwide sustainability, and various charity work. At its core his collection concentrates on organic materials and 100% natural care. Being a vegan himself, Allwood takes great care in the choices he makes in his life, whether it’s with the clothes on his back or the food he eats.

Allwood has teamed up with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a joint agency of the United Nations, to work with marginalized artisans in East Africa, West Africa and Haiti. By today’s standards, Kevin Allwood's work with KA Magazine has made it one of the top lifestyle, fashion, and design magazines in North America.

Since the creation of KA, Allwood was able to transform his vision into a live retail space: KASPACE. Located at 185 Carlaw Avenue in Toronto, KASPACE stands as a showroom for art, ethical fashion, and boutique brands that Allwood represents. Just think of it as the Allwood Gallery of Modern Art (A.G.O.M.A).

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Source and photography from KASPACE and @atelierkevinallwood


Changing The Face Of Fashion: Fashion Designer Kevin Allwood