The Chef Cartel Round Three Showdown

Round three of The Chef Cartel battle took place last night at LUXE Appliance Studio, and was nothing short of a success. Established back in 2015, The Chef Cartel is a platform used to showcase and promote “underground chefs” in Toronto, with each battle being advocated by their premium sponsor Norton.

Round three had Executive Chef Angel Sevilla of The Shore Club versus Chef Rudy Boquilla from Kalsada to battle for the winning title. Host Joey Salmingo is no stranger to the restaurant, entertainment, and hospitality world. This round he welcomed five spectacular judges perfectly suited to crown last night’s winner, Chef Angel Sevilla.

Owner and Co-Executive Chef Adrian Niman is a 25-year-old entrepreneur of The Food Dudes Corp. Food Director at Chatelaine, Claire Tansey is a teacher and overall foodie when it comes to cooking. Private Chef, Laura Calder is an award-winning television host that has appeared on Iron Chef America and Top Chef Canada. Warren Ford is a culinary professional, and Chef Léonie Lilla who previously worked at Farmer’s Daughter.

Founder, 25-year-old Nikko Jacino worked as an Executive Chef for BSH Home Appliances. He channeled his passion into the Cartel and continues to create this millennial battle for chefs around Toronto.

Round four will take place May 30th at 6pm in the LUXE Appliance Studio. Check out the video from last nights' event below!

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The Chef Cartel Round Three Showdown