Over the years, Lulu has been relevant in print publications as Director and Editor-in-Chief but now with the world going paperless, digital is more eco-friendly than the regular old magazine format that usually ends up collecting dust in someone’s waiting room. Our publications bring a new energy to the table and works to product visually stunning and engaging material. We also create content + advertorials that shake up and wake up a new millennial audience. 

HAROLD is a men's jetsetter lifestyle magazine that features the hottest places and luxury items from around the world. Every issue we showcase a list of cool new discoveries from men's grooming and skincare products, creative alcohol brands, modern houses, architecture, and the newest vehicles, etc. Every issue features a specific city where we list the best hotels, bars, restaurants, stores, designers, and boutiques to put on your travel bucket list. HAROLD is designed for the jetsetting man looking to explore the best of the world around him.

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Life is Sacred. Embrace it.

Sacred Lifestyle is a new online community which helps awaken one's spirit; helps enlighten and inspire us while we continue on our journey. We profile Gurus, Spiritual Guides, and Bon Vivants around the world to share their experiences from healing our bodies to enriching the food we consume to personal utopias and sanctuaries + fashion, products and travel. Our interviews included Julian Lennon, Gotham Chopra, Pamela Anderson to Brigitte Bardot, to Denise Mari from Organic Avenue, etc.

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