Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Company Strikes Again

Deep in the heart of Toronto lies this hip fast-growing beauty store called Deciem. The company manufactures a wide range of highly scientific facial serums to hydrate the skin (Hylamide) and encourage skin regeneration (NIOD). A few other products they carry are beauty supplements (Fountain), out this world hand creams (The Chemistry Brand), and men’s grooming and fitness (Ab Crew), and hair cleansing products (HIF).

With plans to launch new brands this year, Deciem has spread their wings and began branching out. First with the opening of its flagship store on Queen Street West over a month ago, Deciem is set to open their newest store in Cabbagetown, Toronto. And that’s not all, while Deciem is a Toronto based company, they have high demand in the UK, South Korea, and New York, so naturally, the company will open stores in those locations as well.

The brand has quickly become one the most talked about beauty companies with it’s breath of fresh air attitude and its more than welcome approach to skin care.

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Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Company Strikes Again