In Depth With SPRMRKT Founder & Owner Nelleke Strijkers

SPRMRKT is a fashion concept store in Amsterdam (and recently Ibiza!) with a surprise for every customer around the corner. Nelleke Strijkers is dedicated to contemporary and progressive pieces in her shop, with wide ranges of jewelry, books, dynamic fashion items, furniture, and fragrances.

Go behind the scenes with Nelleke Strijkers in our exclusive one on one chat.


1. If You Could Give Me a Description of Yourself What Would It Be?
Very happy, optimistic, strong, and young at heart.

2. What Are Some of Your Favourite Places, Stores, Hotels, Or Travel Spots?
My stores in Amesterdam and now we’ve got one in Ibiza. We’ve had 14 years in Amsterdam and it’s never been a boring day.

We are preparing a guide in Amsterdam where we’ll share our favourite places. From restaurants, too coffee shops, or even hidden treasures and clubs.

3. What Are Some Things That You Love?
Most of all, my daughter. Then I’d say the sun and sea, being together with friends, having long dinners with honest conversations, and of course, living in Ibiza.

4. Do You Have Any Personal Gurus?
Everybody who has a real passion in life, and that can be for anything such as art, fashion, food, sex, sports, etc. They inspire me. It’s this that inspires me.

5. What’s The Most Impulsive Thing You Have Done?
My biggest good and bad things in life comes out of being impulsive. I always prefer to regret something I’ve done instead of something I haven’t. But to be honest, I hardly ever regret something.

6. What’s The Craziest Item You Own?
The craziest item I own are all of my great memories of the crazy things I’ve done.

7. What’s Your Favourite Smell? And What’s The Memory That Goes With It?
I used to smell through the letterbox of a flat I lived in as a child, and to this day this is stull my favourite smell. But if we talk about perfume, I love having a unique smell (I hate all commercial smells) and one of them is Perfume Obscure by X+L. The memory that goes along with this smell comes from a road trip I had with Xander and Leaon [X+L] through India years ago.

8. What’s Next For You?
After 2 pop up stores (last summer on the first floor of Maison Elephant and this past winter in Heaven/ Botafoch). I am now super happy and excited to open 250m2 of SPRMRKT Ibiza behind Bar Keeper, Marina Botafoch. With a mix of fashion (such as designs from Rick Owens, Lost&Found, LGB, If Six Was Nine, 11by BBS and much more!) amazing furniture, accessories, art and magazines.

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Source and photography courtesy of Nelleke Strijkers, by Marcel van der Vlugt


In Depth With SPRMRKT Founder & Owner Nelleke Strijkers