G-Star Raw Teams Up With Plastic Soup Foundation

G-Star Raw is working with the Plastic Soup Foundation to support the international Ocean Clean Wash program. Together, they hope to call on other fashion companies to address the challenge of microplastic pollution, an issue caused by washing machines. Believe it, this is a problem.

Machine-washing clothes is an enormous source of plastic pollution in the oceans. Every time we do the laundry, synthetic garments shed pieces of plastic fibers that end up in the oceans. These fibers are too small for filters to detect but large enough to disrupt natural wildlife in the oceans.

The Plastic Soup Foundation aims to call attention to and change how plastics add to the problem of global warming. They created campaigns such as Ocean Clean Wash and the Trash Hunters, to avoid the environmental problem on how our oceans have become a giant bowl of ‘plastic soup’.

Maria Westerbos, Director of the Plastic Soup Foundation is excited for this partnership with G-Star Raw. Stating that the “Leading European research recently showed that a fleece releases an incredible 1 million microfibers every time it is washed. If you imagine that every day a couple of billion people around the world wash their clothing and that almost every item of clothing contains plastic nowadays, you can easily see why it is imperative to deal with this cause of the plastic soup immediately.” Westerbos continues to say that, “G-Star is the first fashion brand that recognizes and supports the need for innovation.”

For more information, please visit g-star.com and plasticsoupfoundation.com
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Source and photography courtesy of G-Star Raw, @cactusplantfleamarket and Plastic Soup Foundation


G-Star Raw Teams Up With Plastic Soup Foundation