La Boutique Les Bains Est Arrivé

La boutique Les Bains est arrivé. Its blast from the past architectural style compliments the exclusive products the store showcases. All these elements work together to bring customers an extraordinary shopping experience.

The store itself is the result of the curative synergy between Design Hotels, Jean-Pierre Marois and Thomas Erber and studio, Diplomates.

The boutique is the newest addition to Les Bains, a Parisian Hotel renowned for housing famous celebrities like David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Flanked by Le Coin Gourdmand, a café that serves Belleville Brulerie’s exclusive espresso blend – an essential part of the boutique’s charm. La Boutique Les Bains is already set to become a household name, much like its sister company.

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Source and photography from Design Hotels.



La Boutique Les Bains Est Arrivé