Levi’s Collabs With Evrnu To Create First Jeans Made From 50% Post-Consumer Cotton

Levi has teamed up with Seattle-based startup company Evrnu, a company that transforms old cotton waste into better-than-new products. Bringing us one step closer to a waste-free future, Evrnu tries to reimagine how we make and buy apparel by using patent-pending technology to create high quality bio-based fiber through renewed cotton garment waste.

Stacy Flynn, co-founder of Evrnu explains the company as focusing on how, "Fiber regeneration is one of the greatest opportunities of our time. To convert what is currently perceived as waste into something new, useful, and beautiful not just once but through multiple iterations.”

With Levi, Evrnu is creating the world’s first jeans made of more than 50 percent post-consumer cotton waste. The prototype for this collaboration is a pair of Levi’s 511s alongside five used cotton T-shirts that consume 98 percent less water than those associated with virgin-cotton products.

Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi’s, had this to say on the collab with Evrnu “By tackling water conservation through new fiber innovation, the apparel industry has the opportunity to significantly reduce its water footprint…As technologies such as Evrnu evolve over time, there will be greater opportunities to accelerate the pace of change towards a closed-loop apparel industry.”

The textile industry relies heavily on resources that cause massive waste and environmental harm. It is one of the world's largest producers of toxic environmental waste that can affect the resources in the air, water, and soil.

For more information, please visit evrnu.com
Photography credit via@evrnu


Levi’s Collabs With Evrnu To Create First Jeans Made From 50% Post-Consumer Cotton