Lulu Loves: Chef Ivana Raca

Ivana Raca is not any average Chef. When she was 20 years old, she worked under Chef Mark McEwan in the kitchen at North 44. Three years later she became his first female saucier before going on to serve as one of the sous chef to help launch ONE Restaurant.

By 24, Raca became the first female executive chef at McEwan Foods, giving herself the rightful title of protégé to Mark McEwan.

Raca spent two years abroad in Australia and throughout Asia to expand her culinary knowledge and work alongside other chefs. She developed a strong cultural bond during her time in Bali and Indonesia, and as such, brought a taste of that knowledge back with her.

Now at 30, Raca’s opened her first restaurant, Raca Café and Bar; a spirited yet cozy restaurant tucked away in the city of Toronto.

So what’s next for this Superstar? Not one to back down from a challenge, Raca has already accomplished so much with her work in launching McEwan Catering as well as her appearances on the Shopping Channel and The Heat, we wonder if there is anything Chef Raca can’t do?

Raca Bar & Cafe
1704 Queen Street West

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Source and photography from Raca Café and Bar and @raca_cafe


Lulu Loves: Chef Ivana Raca