LULU LOVES: Cheryl Giefer

Cheryl Giefer and her husband have worked in real-estate for 20 years and counting. She has used her knowledge to create something positive in her Santa Barbara Community through varies charities like the Organic Soup Kitchen. She is on the board of directors for Sarah House and has worked tirelessly to raise money for the Transition House, a supportive residence for men struggling with addictions.

We have all the ins and outs on the fabulous Cheryl Giefer! Check out her personal thoughts and experiences straight from Cheryl herself.


1. How Would You Describe Yourself To a Complete Stranger?
I am a student practicing the art of humility so this question may be difficult. I am a service oriented, fun seeking, eternal optimist.

2. What Are Some of Your Favourite Places?
I love being in the mountains. I feel free there. We own a little place in Vail Colorado its a one minute walk to the Gondola from our apartment. We try to enjoy a month in the winter and a few weeks in the summer here. Its my happy place.

There is the sweetest little town nearby called Minturn. There are 2 store there I could waste away hours in. The Scarab is a quirky home goods store with a super funky collection of jewelry, rugs, furniture, and exotic nick nacks. The owner Jane is the sweetest lady you will ever meet and you can loose hours hearing about the items she purchases when she goes back home to Turkey.

Right next door is a clothing resale shop in an old church called Holy Toledo. The clientele mostly have expensive taste so you can find amazing skiwear for a small fraction of what it cost in the boutiques in Vail. I usually arrive in Vail drop off things to sell and come back a few weeks later to spend the money I made on something else. I never get any more space in my closet but at least I get a fresh new wardrobe.

3. What Are Some Unusual Things You Love?
I am attracted to dark art. I love moody, creepy, heavy looking photography and paintings. I am not a heavy person in the least but I guess I have a spirit animal in me that does.

4. Any Personal Gurus?
Anyone who dedicates their lives to helping underprivileged people are my inspirations. I work with an organization in Santa Barbara where I live called “ the Organic Soup Kitchen. “ Anthony and Andrea Carroccio selflessly spend their lives feeding our community nutrient rich organic soups and food. They could both have other career’s that would earn them decent livings but they live on a minimum of income to be able to do what they do.

5. Most Impulsive Thing You Have Done Lately
Recently my husband and I bought a little Condo in West Hollywood. We did not wake up and say lets move to LA but we saw this listing of a modern penthouse and boom just got into an agreement with the owners within 18 hours. Now were thinking “how did that happen” ?

6. What's The Craziest Item You Own?
I met an artist I went crazy for at Burning Man named Mike Garlington. He does these incredible black and white surreal portraits. He took one of our family and I had him make a frame for it for my husbands birthday. Its more like a shine ! Its a huge 3 sided thing that doesn’t fit on any wall nor do we have enough space in any room for it. We had to disassemble it to display it. Its covered in Mardi Gras beads, bones, broken china, gems, toys, you name it. But what I really wanted from Mike was a chicken coop but couldn’t afford it.

7. Describe Your Favourite Smell
I remember arriving in Hawaii when I was a teenager and the smell of the rotting tropical fruit that seems to permeate everything. You smell that smell in any tropical location and to me that's vacation. I have smelled that smell Costa Rica, Mexico, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Thailand, Bali, and the Caribbean Islands. I guess I can associate that smell to pure bliss.

8. What's Next For You?
I quit playing God a long time ago so I really have no idea. I just try to keep my intentions and karma in life good so that whatever happens I will not leave my physical body with any regrets.

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LULU LOVES: Cheryl Giefer