A New Culinary Experience in Turin

Dash Kitchen  is an innovative restaurant located in Turin, Italy. Despite being located in what is known to be a historic portion of Turin, Dash Kitchen takes a modern approach to its aesthetic and products. This allows them to contribute a contemporary and stylish culture to Turin’s nostalgic atmosphere. The interior of Dash Kitchen has an industrial appeal: guests are surrounded by concrete walls and floors, and exposed piping and brick. Yet, its bold and colorful furniture creatively creates charm by contrasting the hard interior with warmth and comfort.

Dash Kitchen offers a variety of drinks. Their large and impressive bar offers a vast selection of cocktails and an even larger selection of craft beers.  They take pride in their large selection of beer, which separates them from the other restaurants in the city and creates a humble yet exciting cocktail experience. Dash Kitchen offers a variety of dishes: from raw, marinated meats,and salads to fried and grilled foods. Although they offer standard dishes like burgers and salads, Dash Kitchen adds interesting twists to each dish leading them to stand out from the rest.

Dash Kitchen hosts a variety of events with killer DJs. Guests are invited to enjoy their menu while engaging in a social environment. By hosting events, the environment of Dash Kitchen remains humble, communal, and fun-loving.

Source: Dash Kitchen



A New Culinary Experience in Turin