One On One With Sculptor Zed Taylor

Born in Geneva and raised in a very conservative and strict household, Zed explored his love for art on his own by the age of 21. He discovered that his main love is building strong structures, which he explored during his time living in New York with metal welding and cement construction. Zed has traveled the world, and it's from his experiences that his work shines the brightest.

Get to know the real Zed Taylor with our exclusive one on one chat.


1. How Would You Describe Yourself To a Complete Stranger?
A full passionate dreamer. I'm very excited to turn 50!

2. What Are Some of Your Favourite Places?
I really do enjoy warm and dry places where I can enjoy full nature. Lately, I'm very into Provence - South of France, with it's incredible green nature there! But, Bali (near Ubud) and renting a house that's surrounded by full nature where I can do my training, that's what I love.

3.Unusual Things You Love
I have no idea if it is unsual or not, but I do love to lay down naked on the sand or on a grass and feel totally connected with Earth and Sun energy.

4. Any Personal Gurus?
Ido Portal is my dream goal. I started it 2 years ago and I'm already training this way
with my coach. It's totally changed my way of life, I feel much stronger and balanced. I even feel taller!

5. Most Impulsive Thing You Have Done Lately?
I think I often do lots of impulsive things during my days, evenings, or nights. I'm not really into planning, but instead I connected with my instincts and enjoying the present.

Typically, I'll book a flight when I feel like enjoying sand & sun in Ibiza or getting dressed to dance all night at Berghain in Berlin. Sometimes I'll get a book when I don't feel like working in my studio, or I'll go with my bike to a green Berlin park where I can lay down on the grass.

I can't resist buying more and more sport clothes at Nike.

6. What's The Craziest Item You Own?
Large black Crocodile bracelets, for both wrists of course. They give a sensual and rough feeling.

7. Describe Your Favourite Smell and What's The Memory That Goes With It?
I have to say that right now it's Splash Forte by IUNX. This fragrance is a really deep strong exciting smell. It reminds me of a long, powerful, and sensual romantic night.

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One On One With Sculptor Zed Taylor