All Pharrell Does Is Work Work Work Work Work

So just what is Pharrell Williams up to now? Lately he’s been a busy boy being a judge on The Voice and collaborating with G-Star Raw and the textile company he’s currently the Creative Director of, Bionic Yarn, on the ‘RAW for the Oceans’ campaign.

Now it seems like Pharrell’s adding more to his plate as he’s endorsing the chic new clothing line Cactus Plant Flea Market. Known simply by its baseball cap marked “Plant”, Pharrell can be seen rocking this brand everywhere. And with Pharrell comes the rest of his “squad”, like Dior co-star and occasional signing buddy Cara Delevingne and Big Sean who Pharrell shared the stage with during OVO last year. Cactus Plant Flea Market has collaborated with the likes of HUMAN MADE and Anti Social Social Club.

As if all this isn’t enough, Williams plans to join legendary Stevie Wonder on stage for his ‘Songs In The Key of Life’ tour in set for the UK this summer.

Seriously Pharrell, are there even enough hours in the day?

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Source and photography courtesy of G-Star Raw,@cactusplantfleamarket, and @pharell


All Pharrell Does Is Work Work Work Work Work