Ian Schrager, creator of the groundbreaking nightclub ‘Studio 54’ which changed the way society partied, danced, and socialized along with his partnership with Marriot International for EDITION Hotels, has decided to venture into something new, something PUBLIC. PUBLIC Hotels will be opening a new location in New York this spring and we couldn’t be more excited!

Keeping in mind inclusivity rather than exclusivity, Schrager has captured a unique experience by combining luxury, lifestyle, and service. Core attributes of PUBLIC are its innovative, sophisticated, and authentic style. Its personalized service makes guests feel special and its complete functionality provides lasting comfort. Since service matters the most at PUBLIC, the hotels only offer services that are wanted and needed by guests instead of having an array of services that might only cater to a handful. With the first PUBLIC Hotel set in Chicago, the newest addition in New York City is sure to be the coolest place in town.

Although there isn’t much on PUBLIC’s social media as to what the hotel is going to look like, the teaser video on the company’s website is doing a great job of playing off our anticipation and leaving us on the edge of our seats. Join in on the fun and have a look at the video here:

Source: PUBLIC