Unskilled worker

A late bloomer in the art world, Helen Downie who goes by the pseudonym of Unskilled Worker was compelled to paint after being diagnosed with breast cancer. At the suggestion of her son’s friend, she posted her first piece on Instagram.  In just two short years she has amassed over 208 000 followers and has been strongly embraced in the fashion community.

A true artist of the 21st century, Unskilled Worker creates many of her pieces deliberately for Instagram and decides when they are done based on how they appear through the iPhone. She uses a variety of media including chalk, inks, and markers to create incredibly layered works. Her pieces are vivid, full of strong lines, and are incredibly evocative.

She was commissioned by SHOWstudio to create pieces that pay tribute to Alexander McQueen’s most striking pieces and was guest of the house for Gucci.

As her follower count continues to rise and her work continues to evolve there is no telling how far Unskilled Worker’s pieces will stretch the imaginations and curiosity of the art world. 


Unskilled worker